Arctic Sea Kayaking Symposium: 7th-9th of August 2020
Location: Stykkishólmur – a beautiful location on the west coast of Iceland.

Building on last years successful first symposium, we hosted another symposium this year in Stykkishólmur. There we had something for everyone, protected areas for beginners and more exciting things for those who wanted more action such as tidal currents, surf, and good swells.

Even though Iceland was virtually covid-19 free, certain restrictions and precautions had to be made by cancelling coaches and visitors from abroad and adhering to safe hygiene and distancing practices. However, the symposium still ran and a great time was had by everybody. We ran moving water sessions which suited those experienced and new to fast flowing water and incident management sessions in high winds and flow which was a great learning experience and fun for everyone

The Symposium had an outdoors camping style theme, based at the campsite in Stykkisholmur like last year, some guests enjoyed comfort renting the apartments available onsite.