Seakayaking day tour - Fjord Serenity

Paddle gently through the calm waters of the Geldinganes peninsula, among flocks of seabirds and curious marine life.
Tour outline
This is one of our all-time classic day tours from Reykjavik. It offers sea kayaking on the beautiful Geldinganes in Reykjavik. Explore the incredible wildlife by paddling the neighbour shores of Reykjavik. Experience untouched nature at its best where you encounter wild bird life, occasional seals and everlasting peace and quiet.

5 day expedition with training

This is a great opportunity to paddle on a 5 day sea kayaking expedition on the wild west coast of Iceland.
Tour/training outline
At the beginning of the trip we will provide you with all of the training you will need to begin your kayak adventure. The area that we will be exploring is very protected from the open sea. However, if we want to have a little extra fun and challenge our new found skills, the open ocean is not far away with swell, tidal streams and surf. We will be working from the small fishing town of Stykkisholmur on the shores of Breidafjordur, which is known for its countless rugged island's and endless variety of wildlife.
The plan is to paddle and train amongst the islands every day. Depending on the weather, we can provide land based sessions on theory, or practical water-based sessions as part of a journey. Over the 5 days we will cover: Paddle techniques, rescues, incident management, navigation, and expedition skills. If you have anything else that you want to learn, please let us know and we will do our best to add this to the schedule. There will be an ISKGA coach on the tour so it is possible to get a certificate for level 1, 2 or 3 depending on your skill level.
Experience needed
Basic kayak and camping skills are recommended and the willingness to learn more.

Bring your group on a kayak

Arctic seakayaks offer staff groups, friends and familys an unforgettable kayaktrip that is tailored to your needs. Wether it's for bringing the staff togeather, a suprise trip or just for viewing the nature, we have it all. After only 15 minute paddle from the Reykjavik coastline you are in unspoiled nature surrounded by birds, seals and the beutiful nature of the Reykjavik islands.

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